Remote Deposit Solution

Our Remote Deposit Solution (RDS) is like having the Bank in your office except better! Daily trips to the Bank, courier fees and float time cost valuable time, money and added pressure on the environment. RDS enables clients to electronically deposit checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks from their location even after we have closed.

Surcharge Free ATM Network

CommerceWest Bank offers access through the MoneyPass network to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, coast to coast, located where you live, work, and travel. Download the easy to use ATM Locator mobile app and automatically find the nearest ATM based on your location.

Merchant Card Services

We have the ability to setup and process all of your merchant service needs. We can assist with expanding your payment options to accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express from your clients. You can even setup a shopping cart for online sales.

Positive Pay

We take the risk out of fraudulent items! Upload a list of checks that you have issued through NetBanker via a file compatible with multiple software programs, such as Microsoft Money, Peachtree, and Excel. Our clients have the option to pay or return the reported items. We will provide a Reported Item List each Banking day that allows you a limited time to return unauthorized items.

Account Reconciliation

This service will help simplify clients’ bookkeeping procedures. Provide us with the check amount, check number, and the date issued. A status report will be provided to you at the end of each accounting period with the status of all checks; including paid, outstanding, stopped, voided and canceled checks. The previous month’s outstanding checks will be carried forward and the dollar amounts balanced for each period. This efficient service will assist clients by increasing audit controls of their checking accounts.