About the Corporation

Specialized Banking Services In An Untraditional Manner

At CommerceWest Bank, we have one vision and cater to one community. We realize that we don't need to be all things to all people. Instead we focus on catering to small and mid-sized businesses, their owners and key executives.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Conventional "wisdom" used to indicate that when it comes to banks, bigger is better. At CommerceWest Bank, we could not disagree more. What really matters are core values such as consistency and reliability, and above all a dedication to the highest level of service standards for our clients. Our Regional Office concept allows us to service our clients in an efficient manner. More banks are starting to move towards this concept. However, CommerceWest Bank pioneered this business model since our inception and it has turned into a recipe for success.

A True Business Partnership

We are established financial experts strategically collaborating with client's best interest in mind. Local CPAs, Attorneys, CEOs and business owners have valued our guidance, honesty and way of conducting business. The Bank is often sought after to provide financial guidance, banking advice, economic updates and a refreshing prospective towards business.

Most bankers today lack the ability to understand their client's financials, business model or assist with future growth plans. CommerceWest Bankers apply our knowledge to properly structure your debt, manage growth and most importantly drive profits for our clients. The philosophy stated simply is that the Bank believes when you win, we win.


During the era of big bank mergers and acquisitions, Ivo Tjan envisioned "Bank on The Difference", a commercial bank that embodies a culture of business bankers whose only objective was to deliver unparalleled service to the business community vs. being all things to all people like most banks today. By being all things to some people, the Bank can provide customized and personally tailored banking services to businesses throughout California. A business bank that will become a profitable banking franchise by combining the personal touch of an earlier era, that is no longer evident in most banks, with modern technology.

Based on his vision, CommerceWest Bank opened the doors of its Orange County Regional Office on September 24, 2001 in Newport Beach after completing one of the fastest Initial Public Offering in banking, raising nearly $11 million in less than 60 days.

The hallmark services of CommerceWest Bank include NetBanker, Finance Center, Concierge Services, 48-Hour Turnaround, Banking by Appointment and 24/7 Banker on Call. These services have been an integral part of our organization's aspiration to be known as one of the nation's most respected financial institutions. Our innovative products are consistently evaluated to ensure they add value, making businesses more efficient.

When you first walk into a CommerceWest Bank Regional Office you notice the difference in attitude, colors, layout and we even have a Concierge to greet you. It looks much more like a corporate office than a typical bank; there are no tellers and no lines. But the difference extends far beyond appearances. Each client has a personal banker who is empowered to make decisions, take character into account, and tailor-make every loan or customize each cash management product. Clients are not shuffled from person to person for different services. Bankers meet with clients by appointment, outside of normal business hours if it is more convenient, and there is always a banker on call on nights and weekends, to respond to urgent issues.

Today, CommerceWest Bank services the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego markets, with future plans to expand to other Southern California regions. Its Corporate Headquarters is located in Irvine, California in a facility that will accommodate the strategic and consistent growth of the company.