About the Corporation

CommerceWest Bank is determined to redefine banking for small and mid-sized businesses in Orange County and throughout surrounding areas in Southern California. Within an intelligently organized framework, we will provide flexibility, creating a complete, safe, and sound banking experience for each client, servicing owners and catering to their specific business and individual banking needs. We will work to accommodate our clients, rather than force our clients to accommodate us, providing high-quality, low-stress, and personally tailored banking and financial services. By employing a strategically selected team of experienced professionals, we will carefully shepherd the assets with which we are entrusted. In the process of doing so, we will maximize the financial potential of these accounts, ensure the stability of our institution, and deliver profitable returns, enhancing shareholder value.



News & Press Release

See our news & press releases section for the latest updates about CommerceWest Bank.



CommerceWest Bank Journal

The CommerceWest Bank Journal provides business owners and key executives with important information regarding the economy, California, the banking industry, retirement, business, finance and investing.



Career Opportunities

CommerceWest Bank prides itself on the quality and capabilities of our employees. Our team consists of passionate and determined individuals that believe in our vision and making a difference. We value our employees and reward them for their contributions. As part of our strategic growth plans, we are always looking for qualified, motivated individuals that enjoy working in a professional, innovative, team-oriented culture, and vision.



Privacy Statement

You provide important information about yourself to a variety of businesses and organizations. The same is true when you do business with our financial institution. You're asked to provide us with certain personal information that helps us give you better service and complete your transactions more effectively.

We work diligently to safeguard the information you give to us. In fact, we developed the following policies to ensure you confidentiality and maintain your confidence in our institution. These policies detail the strict standards we have in place.



Code of Ethics

Trust is the foundation of all relationships at CommerceWest Bank (the “Company”); thus, honesty and integrity are essential attributes of every person at the Company. The Company also expects an exemplary level of honesty and integrity from its critical vendors, consultants and business partners. Failure to meet the high ethical standards set forth by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) may be cause for termination of any relationship with CommerceWest Bank.