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Irvine, California – October 05, 2015 –CommerceWest Bank sponsored the Critical Mass Executive Conference, "Growing Your Revenue in New Markets.” The event aimed to connect Orange County CEOs and business executives in order to help them gain valuable ideas and strategies for growing revenue. 

Irvine, California – October 04, 2015 CommerceWest Bank proudly supported local charities that work with children and individuals with disabilities.  Seneca Orange County and Speech and Language Development Center were the beneficiaries of the I Padrini di Antonello 10th Annual Benefit, “An Evening Under the Stars.” Seneca Orange County has a bold and innovative mission to provide unconditional care to help children through the most difficult times of their lives.  Speech and Language Development Center serves children and young adults who have special needs in language, learning and/or behavior.

Irvine, California – September 30, 2015 – Ivo Tjan, Chairman and CEO of CommerceWest Bank presented a 2015 Economic Outlook for the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the City of Cypress BRACE & AGENTS Program. The BRACE Program promotes the principles of Business Retention, Attraction, Creation and Expansion. The AGENT Program stands for Assist, Grow, Educate, Network and Thrive. It provides support for the City’s medium sized companies and businesses.

Irvine, California – August 17, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank ranked as the 2nd healthiest bank in America for 2015 by evaluates the financial health of banks and credit unions. The financial health of a bank is important especially for people that maintain balances over the $250,000 maximum insured limit.

Irvine, California –July 28, 2015 – CommerceWest Bank reported net income for the six months ended June 30, 2015 of $2,012,000 or $0.48 diluted earnings per share and net income for three months ended June 30, 2015 of $1,011,000 or $0.24 diluted earnings per share.

Irvine, California – May 14, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank and the Association for Corporate Growth honored the highest performing middle market companies in Orange County and the Inland Empire at the ACG 20th Anniversary Gala.   ACG is one of the most trusted and respected resource for middle market dealmakers and business leaders who invest in growth and build companies.

Irvine, California – May 09, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank and local Orange County businesses came together today to participate in Dodge for a Cause 2015. They combined their efforts to support the Orangewood Children’s Foundation and the Second Harvest Food Bank. The Orangewood Children’s Foundation helps at-risk youth that have been abused or neglected with emergency assistance, housing, counseling and job placement. The Second Harvest Food Bank helps to feed more than half a million people that go hungry each year in Orange County.

Irvine, California – May 02, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank honored creative leaders who are making a difference in art and design at the Otis College 33rd Annual Fashion Show and Scholarship Benefit. The event gives a glimpse of the future of fashion while raising funds for approximately 80% of students that require financial aid.

Irvine, California – April 30, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank enhanced the lives of children by contributing to Encore for Education 2015. The event supports the Orange County Community Foundation and Buchanan Children's Charities. Both organizations support deserving local non-profit organizations to help improve the quality of lives and educational opportunities for children.

Irvine, California – April 29, 2015 - CommerceWest Bank joined the Pretend City Children's Museum to for their annual fundraisers.   Pretend City is an interconnected city that provides purposeful play, hands-on learning experiences, role playing and educational programs to children. Their mission is to build better brains through fun, whole body learning experiences and empower children and their grown-ups to meaningfully connect with and expand their world.

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